Prime for Life

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY’S 5-9PM (2 weeks) • 16 HRS FRIDAY/SATURDAY’S 5-9PM on FRIDAY’S and 1-5 PM on SATURDAYS (2 weeks)• 16 HRS

Prevention Research Institute are the makers of the Prime for Life course, sometimes referred to as the “PRI” class. The following descriptions is from their website. “Prime For Life® is an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention and pretreatment program specifically designed for people who might be making high-risk choices. This includes but is not limited to impaired driving offenders, college students, and young people charged with alcohol and/or drug offenses. It is designed to change drinking and drug use behaviors by changing beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, motivations, and the knowledge of how to reduce their risk of alcohol and drug related problems throughout their lives.”

Levels 1 & 2 Thinking Errors, Anti-Theft & Anger Management Classes


Our Level 1 classes are a one time 4 hour session and are typically held on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Level 2 courses include a 4 hour session and 4 individual therapy sessions.


Prime Solutions Addiction Recovery Groups


Prime Solutions is an addiction recovery group similar to the traditional therapy addiction recovery process groups. It is aligned with the concepts taught in the Prime for Life class, and is an option for those who may need a higher level of treatment. Session topics are flexible based on the needs of the clients attending and include some of the following: What treatment path are you on?, Stages of Change, Learning from the Past, How People Make Changes, Dealing with Cues to Use, etc..  Furthermore, Prevention Research Institute, the makers of Prime for Life, describe the course by stating, "PRI designed Prime Solutions® to close the gap between the acceptance and full implementation of effective treatment methods. Prime Solutions is a substance use treatment program developed in collaboration with several leading addiction experts. The treatment program helps clients diagnosed with substance use disorder make changes in their high-risk drinking and drug use. Prime Solutions is a "flexibly manualized" treatment approach that applies best practices in a unique way." 

Domestic Violence Group Sessions

FRIDAY’S @ 4:30 & 5:30 PM • 60 MINUTES EACH

These groups rotate through various topics associated with 4 main themes; Relationships, Feelings, Denial, and Emotional Regulation. Consistent attendance makes it most effective to maintain continuity from week to week. These groups are excellent and interactive.

Parenting Class


With many family dynamics, this course utilizes principles taught in Love and Logic®. Other adaptations are utilized in order to meet our clients needs. As such, this course varies in topics and length of time.


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